HDSFit.com – Home Fitness Niche eCommerce brand with $460,000 in sales. Profit margin of 30% & influencer network of 20 million+ followers!

June 24, 2020| Chris


3 m/o Home Fitness Niche eCommerce brand with $460,000 in sales. Profit margin of 30% & influencer network of 20 million+ followers!

Hey all! We have been building e-commerce stores for multiple years now, everything from automotive performance stores to this fitness store. We specialize in creating high converting, long term brands, that perform great when paired with the right influencers. This brand, like all of our others, was created to be a brand that consistently gets sales for months and years to come, while building a huge, natural fan base that will continually pay dividends in the future. Below is a quick summary of why this store is a great purchase.

  1. Proven business model, that is already doing 30% profit margins. As the brand continues to develop its fansbase, profit margins will continue to increase as acquisition costs will go down.
  2. Already making $50,000+ profit per month, and if desired, can effortlessly be scaled even higher. Can also be scaled with FB ads, etc.
  3. Comes with a vetted group of influencers that have continually made us a ridiculous amount of profit each day.
  4. Comes with an organically grown Instagram account of 21,000+ followers, with each post receiving over 1,000 likes
  5. Comes with everything that has made this store a huge success, and much more. We are so excited to talk with you and answer your questions ­čÖé

2. Executive Summary

HDSFIT sells high-quality resistance bands to consumers across the world. This brand is as simple as can be. Once the influencer posts the ad, the sales start rolling in like mad! And what’s awesome is that many of our influencer posts have gone relatively viral (receiving tens of thousands of likes and hundreds of thousands of views), so we still get tons of sales from posts that were put up months ago! In total, our influencers have over 20 million+ followers combined.

We sell resistance bands in sets of 11, 14, and 17 (ranging in price from $49.95 to $66.95). The 11 piece set costs $17 including shipping and sells for $49.95. That’s $32.95 of wiggle room to make a profit, which is extremely easy to do with essentially any influencer, especially ours! Better yet, we expect shipping prices to go down about $2 after COVID.

3. Highlights

If you purchase this asset, you will receive 100% access to the store and everything that has made it a success. This store will come with the exact ad creatives and influencer scripts that have been so effective! ┬áThere’s a reason this store has such a good conversion rate, average order value, and profit margins!

This store is automated to the maximum. All we do is send our influencers a message, they post the IG ad and then we get instant, effortless, and huge profits. The best part? This store could easily be making 5-10 times more each month, all you need to do is hire our influencers to post more ads each month or use some of your own influencers! This store has been such a great success due to our hand-picked influencers, who are very well regarded in their respective communities. In total, our influencers have over 20 million followers combined. Upon purchase, you will receive access to all of them!

This business is perfect for anyone, no matter your dropshipping experience. For anyone who wants a proven, highly profitable store, this is a great way to make over $50,000 profit per month. For those with pre-existing e-commerce skills, this store can easily be scaled up 5x and more relatively quickly, in various ways- hiring more influencers, FB ads, sending more emails, promoting more on our native IG page, expanding to influencers on other platforms.

This store has also seen promising results when we tested Facebook ads. Influencer marketing works beautifully for this store, but for anyone who has FB ad knowledge as well, that would be a great way to scale this store further. We have tracked every single customer action using a Facebook pixel, so you will have huge amounts of data to use if you decide to go down that route. For example, our pixel has tracked well over 9,000 orders and 40,000 add to carts.

We also have over 21,100 organic followers on Instagram, which is another way our brand is able to continually get sales and loyal fans. We receive over 1,000 organic likes each time we post!

In addition, we have an email list of over 25,000 members. That email list alone can easily make you tons of extra, organic profit each month. We haven’t done any email blasts recently, but when our list was much smaller we were able to get about $750 in revenue each time. So far we have done over $15,000 in sales from our highly converting email flows (keep in mind we have barely used these yet, but once we do it’s going to bring in some huge profits).

To build an even stronger brand, we have the option to private label the products with a logo for only a few cents. In addition, we can easily expand our product line to other related products to continually sell to our current as well as future customers.

Upon purchase, you will receive personal access to ALL of our influencer connections, which comprises a total audience network of over 20 million followers. Upon purchase, you will receive everything that has made this store a HUGE success! If you have any questions, please let us know, we are very excited to talk with you!

4. Operations

My favorite part about this store is that we have automated it pretty much completely. The order fulfillment process is 100% automated by our VA. Customer support is 100% automated. When purchasing this store, the VA will become your VA, or you can choose to use one of your current VAs. Our amazing VA automates essentially everything you could want. Woo-hoo!

I currently spend about 4-5 hours on this store per week, and essentially all I am doing during that time is scheduling influencer posts (this could be automated by the VA as well by the way) and making sure everything is running smoothly.

5. Customers

Whether they are a high school student training for their sporting team, or a parent trying to stay fit, we have sold this product to customers in literally every age and demographic range. This product is highly desirable, so when paired with an in-depth influencer marketing plan, we have had incredible results.

We have also been able to continually retain our customers by selling other products such as pull-up bards, fitness guides, push-up boards, and even shorts. These products have seen great results so far, the possibilities of this store are endless. Please let us know if you have any other questions about our customers.

6. Financials

This brand will continually receive consistent, high sales no matter the month or season. When it’s hot outside, where do people want to work out? Inside with their resistance bands. The same applies for when it is cold outside, these bands will always be in high demand!

This brand has been scaling up rapidly. You may have noticed the decrease in sales from April to May. This is due to us spending less on influencer ads during May, as we were very busy scaling 2 of our other brands. If we had more time to dedicate to this brand, we would be doing so, as it is so effortless. The only reason we haven’t, and the reason we are selling this business, is because we are focusing all of our time and energy on other brands that we have been working on for years.

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