2 Yr Old Home & Automotive Gadgets Store Making $27K/Mo Net

June 24, 2020| Chris

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Dudevillage.com is a 2 y/o eCommerce offering automotive & home gadgets – Net profit of $27k+ p/mo. 219k Unique Visits monthly, 172k+ Followers on SM, 50k+ Subscribers (email).

What does your business do?

Launched in 2018, Dudevillage is an eCommerce, we supply innovative automotive gadgets and home accessories. We provide satisfaction through quality products and after-sales service.
This business was profitable in its first month of launch and remains profitable to this day.

  • 50k+ Email Subscribers (ready for email marketing)
  • 170k+ Followers on Social Media (Instagram and Facebook)
  • Profit Margins of between 35% and 40%
  • Less than 20h per week to manage
  • Customer base of 80k+ being the top country from the United States with 1.1M sessions
  • Average Order Value of ~$19
  • Made over $1.6m in sales since launched

How does your business make money?

Our business makes money by selling products online to our customers. The majority of the revenue comes from our followers on social media, also from paid ads (Facebook, Google).

Describe your purchasing and order fulfilment process

Customers can purchase on our website with Credit Card, PayPal or Apple Pay. We fulfill orders by sending spreadsheets with order information to our supplier then supply customers with tracking numbers after shipping. Our order fulfillment process is done by choosing the right shipper and communicating with our customers until they get their product.

Feb 20$131,260$80,449$50,811
Jan 20$50,256$25,871$24,385
Dec 19$13,092$6,844$6,248
Nov 19$7,054$3,424$3,630
Oct 19$22,702$9,877$12,825
Sep 19$128,097$79,594$48,503
Aug 19$59,418$34,419$24,999
Jul 19$116,738$85,368$31,370
Jun 19$64,592$35,492$29,100
May 19$69,639$36,845$32,794
Apr 19$99,567$64,728$34,839
Mar 19$62,473$36,070$26,403





Disclaimer: Please note, the revenue and traffic data are ballpark figures and not 100% accurate. However, one can make an educative guess about the income potential of the market.

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