2 Yr Old Home & Automotive Gadgets Store Making $27K/Mo Net

June 24, 2020 |

Instagram   |   Facebook is a 2 y/o eCommerce offering automotive & home gadgets – Net profit of $27k+ p/mo. 219k Unique Visits monthly, 172k+ Followers on SM, 50k+ Subscribers (email). What does your business do? Launched in 2018, Dudevillage is an eCommerce, we supply innovative automotive gadgets and home accessories. We provide satisfaction through quality products and after-sales service. This business was profitable in its first month of launch and remains profitable to this day. 50k+ Email Subscribers (ready for email marketing) 170k+ Followers on Social Media (Instagram and Facebook) Profit Margins of between 35% and 40% Less than 20h per week to manage Customer base of 80k+ being the top country from the United States with 1.1M sessions Average Order Value of ~$19 Made over $1.6m in sales since launched How does your business make money? Our business makes money by selling products online to our customers. The majority of the revenue comes from our…    read more 

Organic skincare brand making $70,000/Month in Profits with $900,000 in Total Sales

June 24, 2020 |

What does your business do? ● Unique formulas that customers rave about ● Extreme before + afters with the best sellers products ● Family-based organic clientele ● Skincare Diaries: Platform for customers to share their stories with our products ● Affiliate marketing: Affiliates were once customers have bought the products and are deeply in love. ● Consultations: Ayele offers consulting services to transition over to the skincare products Customer Base: Ages between 18-35. We do have some mature customers Email List: 38,000 Inventory: ~$45,000 AOV: $43.39 Fulfilment: Inventory is stored in-house unless sent to Operations: Manufacturers make batches of products for us and send it over to us (they can provide packaging upon request). In house team (US based) of three bottle up the products and apply labels to products. Items are sent to fulfillment centers to ship out packages to customers. They also handle returns (but the brand doesn’t…    read more – Home Fitness Niche eCommerce brand with $460,000 in sales. Profit margin of 30% & influencer network of 20 million+ followers!

June 24, 2020 |

  3 m/o Home Fitness Niche eCommerce brand with $460,000 in sales. Profit margin of 30% & influencer network of 20 million+ followers! Hey all! We have been building e-commerce stores for multiple years now, everything from automotive performance stores to this fitness store. We specialize in creating high converting, long term brands, that perform great when paired with the right influencers. This brand, like all of our others, was created to be a brand that consistently gets sales for months and years to come, while building a huge, natural fan base that will continually pay dividends in the future. Below is a quick summary of why this store is a great purchase. Proven business model, that is already doing 30% profit margins. As the brand continues to develop its fansbase, profit margins will continue to increase as acquisition costs will go down. Already making $50,000+ profit per month, and…    read more 

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