Organic skincare brand making $70,000/Month in Profits with $900,000 in Total Sales

June 24, 2020| Chris

What does your business do?

● Unique formulas that customers rave about
● Extreme before + afters with the best sellers products
● Family-based organic clientele
● Skincare Diaries: Platform for customers to share their stories with our products
● Affiliate marketing: Affiliates were once customers have bought the products and are deeply in love.
● Consultations: Ayele offers consulting services to transition over to the skincare products

  • Customer Base: Ages between 18-35. We do have some mature customers
  • Email List: 38,000
  • Inventory: ~$45,000
  • AOV: $43.39
  • Fulfilment: Inventory is stored in-house unless sent to
  • Operations: Manufacturers make batches of products for us and send it over to us (they can provide packaging upon request). In house team (US based) of three bottle up the products and apply labels to products. Items are sent to fulfillment centers to ship out packages to customers. They also handle returns (but the brand doesn’t accept returns due to the nature of the products). One person handles customer service. One person handles social media marketing + communication

What are the primary traffic sources of the site?
● Direct sales
● Instagram / Facebook Sales
● Google Ads Sales (if you run them)
● Twitter Sales

  • Do you run any other marketing campaigns, such as display advertising, social media marketing, offline advertising or anything else? I do email marketing or display advertising on our social media

How does your business make money?

Selling products through shopfiy

Describe your purchasing and order fulfilment process

Shopify Fulfillment. We can transfer everything over to Shopify Fulfillment.

Why are you selling this business?

Moving to another venture and skincare industry is no longer a passion of mine

Who would this business be perfect for?

Someone who is looking to accelerate the growth of an extremely profitable business that has not properly done marketing yet.

Mar 20$69,022$8,385$60,637
Feb 20$63,227$8,814$54,413
Jan 20$70,234$10,817$59,417
Dec 19$109,451$21,246$88,205
Nov 19$137,900$39,234$98,666
Oct 19$92,026$23,726$68,300
Sep 19$99,163$24,656$74,507
Aug 19$84,558$17,597$66,961
Jul 19$99,911$24,237$75,674
Jun 19$86,766$17,284$69,482
May 19$76,816$30,514$46,302
Apr 19$88,266$18,213$70,053
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